I am born and raised in Finland, Northern Europe and was brought up in a family that spoke both finnish and swedish.

 I moved across the Atlantic when I was 19 years old and settled in LA, the city of my teenage dreams.
Because I started dancing and modeling professionally at an early age, I had to face rejection and criticism, which lead to a lot of struggles with my own self confidence, self esteem and sense of self worth. 

That is why my goal as a model is to bring positive motivation and encouragment into other peoples lives. 

Follow my journey on Instagram for daily positive inspiration and encouragment. 

My modeling career has taken me all over the world. 

From walking the Runway during Fashion Week in the fashion capitals of the world, to lounging on tropical beaches, shooting campaigns, commercials and music videos, it is safe to say I am always on the run! :) 


I love creating new content. I am a strong believer in always learning more and developing myself further. 

I am always looking for new people to work with. 

So get in touch with me and let's create something magical. 


Monica Nordlin

I love my job as a model because It gives me the opportunity to tap into my creative side and express myself in different ways.

I have had the honor of being an internationally published cover model more than once.

As a model I have experience in print, runway, commercial, editorial and fitness modeling.
I work with with multiple brands of different backgrounds and have appeared in numerous campaigns both in the US and Europe.